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Kids Beds & Bunks

At Shorty Beds, our range of kids beds and bunks are made to the highest standards and can be customised to any possible unique requirements. Whether you need just the width altered slightly for a narrow room or both its length and width for an oddly shaped space, our made to measure beds offer a precise and stylish solution.

All of our products are proudly made in Lancashire and are built to order. Delivery can be expected within 5-8 working days. For questions relating to any of our products, fill out our contact form or talk to one of our helpful team on 01524 548317.

Why choose a kids bed from Shorty Beds?

All of the kids beds and bunks available at Shorty Beds are built locally with the very best materials available so that they are a functional choice for any space whilst remaining sleek and ethical:

  • Customisable: When it comes to finding a custom kids bed, having as much control over the finished product is crucial. This is why, at Shorty Beds, we provide length choices at 3” increments along with optional accessories on many of our products, such as drawers and guard rails. All of our kids beds and bunks are also available as a discounted bundle that includes a lightweight and breathable Reflex mattress.
  • Handcrafted: The kids beds and bunks that we stock are handcrafted to the very highest standard by traditionally trained craftsmen at a local family run woodworking mill in Lancashire. These beds are exclusive to Shorty Beds so won’t be found anywhere else.
  • Sustainably: sourced All of the kids bed and bunk frames are manufactured from 100% slow growing Scandinavian pine. This is a premium timber that is selected as much for its natural beauty and durability as it is for being an environmentally-friendly option. By sourcing our timber from Scandinavia, where there are strict conservation directives meaning that for every tree felled to make our beds, another two more are planted.
  • Value: At Shorty Beds, despite the high-quality timber that goes into making our beds, we are determined to provide our range at an affordable price by working with local craftsmen. This means that, when you buy with Shorty Beds, you can find a bedding solution that is right for any room and any budget.