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Short Single Bed

We've always been disappointed that beds are often 'one size fits all'. The truth is, everybody is different, and some people don't have a need for regular-sized beds. Maybe you are shorter than average and only have a small room? This is where Shorty Beds comes in.

Who are we?

We are a small company that focuses on sell shorter than standard sized beds, and accessories to go with them. Because of this, you can guarantee that your product will be of the highest quality - it's what we excel in!

We have the best short beds the UK has to offer. We work with a Lancashire-based, family-run woodworking mill, so we don't manufacture our products overseas and we pay all our workers a fair wage. Our talented workers use their expertise to handcraft all our beds, including our short single bed with storage.

What materials do we use?

For all of our beds, including our short single beds (90 x 175cm), we use a type of slow-growing Scandanavian pine. This durable material is excellent for furniture, as it is incredibly strong and long-lasting, and very stylish.

Another reason for shipping from Scandanavia is that they have great eco-initiatives; every time a tree is cut down to use the wood for this furniture, two more are planted. So, you don't have to worry about damaging the environment when you buy a short single bed from us!

Why choose Shorty Beds' custom sized beds?

Quite simply, we love what we do. We can provide you with a solution to your storage needs, and make your home a more pleasant place to spend time in. Whether you're looking for a short single mattress for yourself, or you are attempting to get some use out of your spare box room and want to put a short single bed with storage in there to act as a Guest Bed, we can help.

Our short single beds for small rooms are great for kids' bedrooms, especially if they need some extra storage space. The drawers underneath the bed will help the room to be kept tidier!

What is available in this size?

Our short single bed (90 x 175 cm) is perfect for odd spaces and is ideal for children and shorter adults alike. We have a range of short single bed frames, some that include storage underneath. And, the best part about our short beds is that you'll have tonnes more space in your room for other furniture!

If you have two kids, we also have Bunk Beds and teddy beds for younger children available in this size. You can also shop for mattresses, storage beds and bed frames.

This short collection isn't all that we offer; we provide a range of odd-sized beds for people of other sizes. You can browse all of our listings here or get in touch with us today to discuss our full range.