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Short small single bed ( 2'6" x 5'6" | 75 x 168cm )

Handmade in Lancashire, our super strong, short single beds are the perfect smaller bed for anyone. Our short, small single beds (75 x 168cm) can be custom made to fit any size or shape required, you will no longer need to compromise when it comes to finding the right bed for you!

No one should have to settle for an uncomfortable bed just to get the right size. Here at Shorty Beds, we have a wide range of handcrafted short beds that are affordable and always high quality.

Our range

Shorty Beds offers everything that you need for the perfect night's sleep. We sell a range of specially made ‘short’ products including:

Bed Frames


Kids Beds

Bunk Beds


Guest Beds

Here at Shorty Beds, we understand the struggle of finding bed accessories that fit with your small bed, which is why we offer such an extensive range of great products.

Why choose Shorty Beds' custom-sized beds?

Shorty Beds are handmade with care in the UK. This means that all our beds are of high quality and made perfectly to your requirements. Established in 1903, we have decades of experience in making the best beds for small spaces or odd sizes, so you can trust that our beds will be perfect.

Our short bed frames are custom made from pine -- a strong material that is guaranteed to last a long time. We also have one of the largest ranges of short bed frames on the market. Just because you’re shopping for a short bed doesn’t mean that you are restricted in options. At Shorty Beds, we have everything from guest beds to bunk beds.

What is available in this size?

75 x 168cm may be short but your options certainly aren’t restricted. Shorty Beds stocks a range of options to help you find the perfect short bed.

The Shaker HFE

The Shaker High Foot End bed comes in both single and double sizes and can be custom made to fit any space. The bed is made from Scandinavian pine. There are three colours available, natural pine, white, and grey. All our short beds are made to the same exceptional high-quality for maximum durability and comfort.

Studio beds

Studio beds are perfect for loft conversions or rooms with sloping roofs. These beds have low head and foot ends, making them perfect for lower ceilings. There are two colour options available, natural, or white. The Studio can be bought as a single, double, or king-sized bed -- there is something for everyone.