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Short Small Single Bed (75 x 183cm)

Beds are usually sized very generically, with a standard single bed coming in at 90 x 190cm. This isn't an issue for most people, however, if you don't need that extra foot room, then it doesn't make sense to buy a standard bed when you could save on space in your bedroom. This is why it's the perfect time to turn to Shorty Beds for a short, small single bed that suits your needs.

Why choose Shorty Beds custom-sized beds ?

Shorty Beds are specialists in custom-sized short beds, which means that you can guarantee an expertly designed short bed when you buy with us. On top of our expertise, you can expect...

A superior build

As we're experts in short beds, it's not just the design that makes us stand out, but the quality of the build. We understand that a short bed doesn't mean compromising on build integrity, which might be overlooked if you're trying to shop with a generic bed manufacturer.

A complete range of products

Don't worry about having to shop around for the right mattress and other accessories if you've already bought a short bed frame. At Shorty Beds, we stock everything from bed bases, which include additional storage space for added convenience, to short, small single mattresses that are designed to be the perfect pairing with our short small single bed, 183cm in length.

What is available in this size ?

On top of your short, small single bed 75 x 183cm kit, we also stock a great range of kids' short single beds, including a super cute Teddy Bed, which looks the part in any young child's room. If that's not what you're looking at for your child, then our Kids County short, small single bed fits the bill, including guard rails for extra security.

A Shorty Bed guest bed is the perfect option for your spare room, making for a sturdy and attractive resting place for visitors, without taking up the entire room. If you have twins or young siblings, then short small single bunk beds are a great choice, with an attractive honey pine finish looking as smart as it is sturdy.

Shorty Beds makes ordering a short, small single bed easy

When it comes to the ordering process, with Shorty Beds, it couldn't be easier:

1. Contact us if you're unsure about what to buy - our quick 90-minute response time will get your queries resolved ASAP.

2. Place an order - simply click 'BUY IT NOW' if you find what you need or click 'ADD TO CART' if you've got one or more short, small single bed products in mind. Then you just need to follow the simple instructions to make your payment and checkout.

3. Wait for delivery - we aim to get your items to you as quickly as possible, so you can rely on Shorty Beds for your best night's sleep yet.

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