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What types of short single bed (90x160cm) are available ?

Why choose Shorty custom sized beds ?

These days a bedroom is more than just somewhere to sleep, and smaller rooms may need to function as a study, a playroom, or somewhere that guests have space to relax.

Short single beds for small rooms means space is used to its full potential, and your home works just as you want it to. Our beds are handcrafted and can be custom made to any size including smaller dimensions. Whether you need something specific like a short single bed at 160cm long, or simply want to understand your options, just get in touch.

3 ways short single beds can transform your home.

• More space to play

Choosing a short single bed (90 x 160 cm) with storage, like the Metro white short single bed, means there’s plenty of space to keep toys tidy and floors free for play. Whether your little ones want to create a complex fairy tale world or make plans for their next space mission, you’ll be able to make sure they have space to let their imagination go wild.

• More space to study

Finding space to study is hard but choosing short single beds for small rooms makes this a little bit easier. Our custom-made beds can be adapted to fit, so there’s plenty of room to put a desk or a bookcase.

• More space to stay

Whether it’s for friends or family, a spare bed is always useful, and short single bed frames mean squeezing in an extra guest is as simple as popping on that gorgeous new duvet cover. You’ll be able to offer a cosy, comfortable night's sleep with no fuss.

What 90 x 160 cm beds are available?

We have a great range of 90 x 160cm beds available. You can buy single bed frames in a range of looks including classic shaker style and elegant Oslo for a sleek Scandinavian finish. We also offer a fantastic range of single storage beds that will transform how you use your space, as well as short single mattresses so your new bed feels as good as it looks.

Short beds for kids and guests

We have a delightful range of beds created especially for children, including the smart Kids' county bed crafted from Nordic pine, or the charming Teddy bed that will have little ones skipping off to bed in no time.

We also have our shorty bunk beds; which are perfect for room sharing or last-minute sleepovers.

Our Metro bed comes in a range of colours and offers great storage as well as enough style to appeal to older teens – it’s perfect for a guest room too.

Other short guest beds offer even more flexibility. Take a look at our trundle bed which is a superb way to create a pop up double, and because all our guest beds are custom made to fit, there’s (almost) always room for one more.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for a short single bed UK made and carefully crafted, look no further. Our team are happy to answer any questions you have, so all you need to do is get in touch by phone on 01524 548317, or via our contact page, then sit back and dream of how you’re going to make the most of all that freed up space.